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Cloud hosting is a relatively new Web hosting services. This is the mode to introduce, to facilitate the effectiveness of the home page. The aim is to make the home page to familiarize themselves with a huge traffics. It is common these days to see a breakdown by LOADS periods of its activities, as a result, could not maintain the server to working pressure. This problem can be easily eliminated with cloud hosting. Cloud hostings to various servers in different locations. The importance of this agreement is that it resolves a problem with centralising hosting a single computing system. This arrangement may seem burdensome, on the basis of traditions of The Observer, but the reality is that it is one of the most effective ways to ensure that the home page is applied and operate 24 hours a day. How it works, that many different server the same team together, to create a cloud. This mode the effectiveness of the home page has a clear advantage it prevents the problem more than the reliance on specific server, balancing the workload that the server is to be carried out. It may occur to high costs, day to day observers', but it is far from the reality. How it works that various machines are set out IN THE FORCE OF THE AGREEMENT AND THIS IS DONE IN SUCH A way that each machine has a variety of resources or because the task is associated with, such as the required disk storage, memory, processor, and others. The necessary software required for the cloud you have set up the hypervisor. It is technically name, representing the code, which actually controls the facilities to manage the software. The hypervisor per se is on the server. Share hypervisors includes Xen vmware and hyper-v each other. Cloud hosting is a very good Hosting mode, it is relatively new, not many Web hosting companies have paid the necessary attention, and only some of them, that access to the right resources. Service providers, which is known to offer efficient services access to the desired material. On cloud hosting the right quality to work on the servers are used. To achieve the benefits and opportunities better use of cloud hosting high-end hardware that uses vmware resources the best material. Many poor providers can be difficult to ensure the necessary PC physical element that will ensure the success of the operation .Compared with conventional on servers it has been observed that the effectiveness of the actions and the cloud hosting are more reliable. On the distribution of servers allow users of cloud hosting services powered home page to use more stable than they would have been obtained using dedicated servers. Will be hard to compete with dedicated servers to cloud hosting in is not the kind of hardware balancing that cloud of servers to enjoy and without hardware load balancing of effectiveness and the server performance may not be as big as that cloud hosting. Is the future of cloud hosting, because many Web designers and even Web hosting companies are beginning to see the benefits of it is dedicated to hosting more than plans. The time of the shooting mode appears to dominate as a web hosting is done. velosipēdi